you are my heat 1 Ecsteriority3 materiality i like penises: A Little Something in 24 Acts Home in the Neon Heat Etroits sont les Vaisseaux Ecsteriority4 (Part 2)

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NEWS: Upcoming!


APRIL 27-30: World Premiere, Étroits sont les Vaisseaux, Gibney Dance Center: Sold out!

MAY/JUNE: DiP residency, Gibney Dance, in collaboration with Brian Rogers with dramaturgy by Simon Dove.

September – December: Guest artist, Princeton University


January: Étroits sont les Vaisseaux, APAP as part of Gibney Dance platform

Ecsteriority4 (Part 2), tour to Danceplace, Washington, DC

February- March: Bogliasco Fellowship, Italy

June: Ecsteriority4 (Part 2), American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

August: Untitled (premiere), featuring Dylan Crossman, Burr Johnson, Jamie Scott.  The Yard @ Martha’s Vineyard

Fall/winter: World Premiere, collaboration with Brian Rogers, The Chocolate Factory Theater

Recent Press!

Étroits sont les Vaisseaux, Gibney Dance Center, 2016

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Ecsteriority4 (Part 2), Abrons, 2015

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You are my heat and glare, New York Live Arts, 2014

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